Visit to the annual conference of the re!source foundation in Berlin

  Picture of the Verbund.NRW team at the annual conference of the re!source foundation

The fellows of the second phase of the research college Verbund.NRW traveled together to Berlin to participate in the annual conference of the re!source Foundation on 05.10.2021. The re!source Foundation aims to advance the sustainable use of resources and thereby promote the implementation of true circular value creation of building materials.

At the conference, speakers from science, business and politics gave presentations on current research on the resource transition and planetary boundaries, as well as the EU initiative "New European Bauhaus". The program was rounded off by the presentation of various lighthouse projects as well as a political discussion round on the role of Germany and Europe in the resource transition. The diverse program of the conference as well as the opportunities for exchange - both among each other and with the conference speakers - provided the collegiate members with numerous thought-provoking impulses for their own research and promoted interdisciplinary cooperation among the Verbund.NRW collegiate members.