12th DGAW Science Congress "Waste and Resource Management"


Under the motto "Clear the stage for young science", young researchers and business representatives met at the Technical University of Hamburg for an intensive professional exchange.

The Forschungskolleg Verbund.NRW was involved in the 12th DGAW Science Congress "Waste and Resource Management" with presentations and conference proceedings:

  • Ellen Sterk, PhD student at the LuF International Economic Relations at RWTH Aachen University: "Clients' Willingness to Pay for R-Concrete and Drivers and Barriers to their Demand."
  • Wojciech Walica, PhD student at IWARU, Münster University of Applied Sciences: "Evaluation of the recyclability of gypsum-containing waste in gypsum fibre board production"
  • Pauline Jegen, associated PhD student at Verbund.NRW and a scholarship holder at the INZIN Institute. She is doing her PhD at the Chair of Resource and Energy Systems at TU Dortmund University: "RC concrete: Use of recycled aggregate for concrete production in precast concrete elements"