P10: Developing a valuation system for the resource efficiency of buildings

*** Entwicklung eines Bewertungssystems zur Messbarkeit der Ressourceneffizienz ***



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The Institute for Water - Resources – Environment at the University of Applied Sciences Münster, led by professor Sabine Flamme, deals with the resource efficiency of buildings, regarding the whole life cycle. The aim is to identify appropriate criteria to make resource efficiency measureable. Therefore it is necessary to consider construction, energy consumption, further use and demolition of a building.

Furthermore the weighting of each criteria must be set. All criteria and their weightings create a valuation system that makes resource efficiency measurable in an objective, comparable and comprehensible way. Planners or producers can use this system as a base for the design of their buildings taking resource efficiency into account.

First existing rating systems treating the sustainability of constructions are analyzed to evaluate which parts of the life cycle are already covered by these systems and where present deficits must be filled. Researches could already show that existing rating systems not take especially conversion and demolition of a building as well as recycling of materials into consideration. Therefore this thesis will focus on the whole life cycle of composites in the building sector.