P8: The impact of increasing application of composite materials on planning and construction process and logistics

*** Auswirkung des zunehmenden Einsatzes von Verbundbaustoffen auf den Planungs- und Bauprozess sowie die Baulogistik ***



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Reinforced concrete has been one of the most eminent materials over the last decades in construction engineering. In general, the concept of combining steel to absorb tensile forces and concrete to absorb compressive forces has only slightly been optimized. However recent research findings confirm that using incorrodible carbon or polymer fiber material instead of steel as reinforcement can significantly reduce the minimum concrete cover from 2 – 4 cm. Changing the type of reinforcement allows to reduce the required amount of energy and resources. Furthermore, slender construction elements create additional space and tend to minor crackings on the concrete surface.

  Composite floor bearing, plan extract Copyright: © LBP, FH Münster Composite floor bearing, plan extract

Aside conventional methods of construction, composites find their way into daily operation, for instance in form of hybrid construction elements. Alternatively to building floor slabs by using filigree floors combined with structural concrete toppings, these hybrid constructions, for example in form of an innovative combination of timber, steel and concrete, can even be used for constructing major building complexes. Using timber as a natural resource component, hybrid constructions can serve as carbon repositories, offer creative freedom and potentially enhance building time schedules


Project 8 is conducted at the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Münster. The project analyzes the production and placement process of the mainly used composites on a basis of specifically selected construction projects being compared with conventional construction methods. This furthermore allows an evaluation of the required resources such as material, energy and workforce as well as rating their impact on the planning process and on logistics. Based on the results a decision guidance will be developed which provides information about the suitable building materials or elements regarding the production and placement process.

Composite floor bearing during production process Copyright: © LBP, Münster Composite floor bearing during production process