P9: Selective crushing of plastic composites



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The aim of project 9, located at the Department of Processing and Recycling at RWTH Aachen University is the development of an innovative process for selective crushing of plastic composites considering the requirements of the subsequent separation process.

First, relevant composites are defined in an inter- and transdisciplinary exchange with the research and praxis partners. The recycling of composites and the selective recovery of single materials from composite constructions are the main goals of the project. To reach these goals, mechanic crushing experiments in technical lab scale are performed. They are followed by lab scale separation experiments. Due to a material-adapted process parameterization, single materials recovered out of composites can be recycled as high-quality secondary raw materials and returned to the material cycle. According to the results, a catalogue of requirements will be developed and validated for the disintegrated crushing step.

At the end, a modelling of the process chain “separation of composites” is planned which allows the simulation of the process parameters and the identification of influence factors on crushing. The transferability of the designed model to other composites should be reached.