Lecture Series: Transformation of Textile Technology and Sociology of Technology

  digital lecture transformation of textile technology Copyright: © TEER

The lecture series by Professor Gries (Institute of Textile Technology) and Professor Häußling (Chair of Sociology) focused on the transformation of the textile industry. In addition to the aspects of technical feasibility, however, the two professors discussed above all the importance of acceptance in society.

As the third largest industrial sector worldwide, the textile industry represents a key industry with versatile fields of application also in the building sector. So far, only a very small proportion of all textiles is recycled, and textile waste forms an unrecognized potential in Germany. In his part, Professor Gries addressed the specifics of textile recycling as well as the challenges and development potential of a textile circular economy. He presented a model workshop in which various players in textile value chains come together to jointly work out recycling processes. Professor Häußling presented the concept of Real-World Laboratories, which can help to promote the acceptance of sustainability issues among citizens. Using the societal model of Sinus-Milieus, he described heterogeneous social and target groups with different acceptance behavior towards sustainability issues. The lecture took place digitally on January 13.