Zukunft Bau Pop-Up Campus Aachen

June 09 - September 09, 2022


In the summer of 2022, a former administration building in Aachen will be used temporarily as an experimental space for a period of 4 months (9 June - 9 September 2022). The Pop-up Campus Aachen of the innovation programme Zukunft Bau will move into the premises at Theaterstraße 92 - 94. The area will be made accessible to research groups and the public and used for exhibitions, workshops, research work and events.

Our PhD students jointly organise and design the interdisciplinary project Urban Sustainability Transition Lab. The real lab investigates and describes different perspectives on closing material cycles in the building sector with a focus on recycled aggregates.

What is the Pop-up Campus?

Click here for the flyer: https://pop-up-campus.de/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/A4-Was-Ist-Der-Pop-Up-Campus.pdf