Dissertation of Franziska Struck

  Copyright: © IWARU, FH Münster

We congratulate Franziska Struck on the successful defence of his dissertation.

Franziska developed the Resource Efficiency Index for Building Structures (REI:Bau). It can be used to assess the impact on natural resources associated with building constructions (e.g. walls, roofs, etc.) over the entire life cycle. In the development of new constructions, deficits can thus be specifically identified and improved, and resource-efficient constructions can be deliberately selected as early as the planning stage.

Franziska completed her thesis at the Institute for Infrastructure Water Resources Environment (IWARU) at Münster University of Applied Sciences under the professional supervision of Prof. Dr. Sabine Flamme and Prof. Dr. Grit Walther. The chair was held by Prof. Dr. Peter Quicker.